Anyone wishing to practise at the Bar must first undertake a period of pupillage under the mentorship of a practising member and must also pass the Bar exams.

Applications for pupillage at the Johannesburg Bar must be made to the Johannesburg Bar Council, which is responsible for accepting applications for pupillage, allocating pupils to mentors and generally administering the pupillage system. Further details regarding pupillage may be found on the website of the Johannesburg Bar at (click here).

Pupils may request that the Bar Council assign them to a particular mentor who has agreed to be their mentor, and it is not uncommon that people wishing to undertake pupillage approach members of the Bar with a request to serve pupillage under them.

The Island Group has in place a pupillage policy, the purpose of which is to provide training to pupils. The Island Group has in place a mentorship programme under the supervision of Ivor Schwartzman, a former Judge of the High Court, in terms of which pupils are given training and supervision over and above that provided by the Bar.  Although pupils are allocated a specific mentor, pupils have access to all members of the Island Group and are encouraged to involve themselves in as wide a range of matters as possible.


Should you wish to discuss the possibility of pupillage under the mentorship of one the members of the group, please contact Mark Antrobus SC at 011 291 8600 or by email.
tel : +27 11 291 8600
fax : +27 11 291 8666
website : www.islandgroup.co.za