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Carl studied law at the Universities of Stellenbosch, Kwazulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg) and Wits. He attained a BA (Law) degree in 1988, an LLB degree in 1990 and a Higher Diploma in Company Law in 2000. He was admitted as an attorney in 1993 after completing his articles and was engaged as a regional court prosecutor for a period of 3 years following his admission.

Carl has 15 years’ experience in financial services where he was engaged by leading financial institutions in different capacities, including that of in-house legal counsel and head of legal, risk and compliance. His career in financial services spans insurance, banking, asset management, investments, retirement funds, financial planning, rewards programmes and fintech. He also qualified as a certified financial planner and represented a leading long-term insurer on the long-term insurance taxation committee.  

Carl has significant experience in financial law, commercial law, commercial litigation, dispute resolution, legal risk management, regulatory risk management and criminal law. He was the lead author of Principles of Financial Law, a LexisNexis business publication, consolidating the legal principles impacting on financial institutions in South Africa. 

Carl joined the Johannesburg Bar and the Island Group in 2018. He runs a general advocacy practice with a special interest in financial law, commercial law, commercial litigation, contract law, consumer law, competition law, environmental law, insurance law, banking law, retirement funds law, tax law, information technology, intellectual property, fintech, data protection and privacy, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, alternative dispute resolution, criminal law, white collar crime, administrative law and constitutional law

Areas of practice

Financial Law
Commercial Law
Commercial Litigation
Contract Law
Consumer Law
Competition Law
Environmental Law
Insurance Law
Banking Law
Retirement Funds Law
Tax Law
Intellectual Property Law
Fintech Law
Data Protection and Privacy Law
Corporate Governance Law
Regulatory Compliance
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Criminal Law
Administrative Law
Constitutional Law

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