Island Group of Advocates

The Island Group was formed in about 1923 in the Corporation Building in Central Johannesburg. The Group has always been central to the Johannesburg Bar, producing lawyers of powerful intellect and formidable forensic skill. Many, like Lammie Snyman, CJ Claassen, George Colman, Blen Franklin, Gerald Alexander, Geoff Leveson, Neil MacArthur, Michael Stegmann, Ivor Schwartzmann and Colin Lamont have gone on to become judges of great distinction in the High Court, while others, like Servaas Hofmeyr, H Nicholas, Chris Plewman, Piet Streicher and Bob Nugent have graced the Supreme Court of Appeal. Others have been acknowledged leaders in their fields of practice, like Colin Kinghorn and Fanie Cilliers.

We are now situated in Sandton. The Group has expanded considerably and now includes a mix of advocates, both senior and junior, who practise in nearly every field of private and public law in South Africa.

While the members of the Island Group practice in diverse areas of law, the Group strives to maintain its reputation as a centre of excellence in whichever fields its members practise. What has always characterised the Island Group, over its nearly 90 year history, has been the commitment of members to the interests of our attorneys and clients and the administration of justice. Several members of the Group are actively involved in pro-bono initiatives and in legal education (through advocacy training at the Bar).